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A Guide To Autumn Fashion – Choosing A Pair Of Fashion Wellingtons

How To Get From Naturally Sourced Rubber To A Pair Of Fashion Wellingtons

I recently visited the Eden Project in Cornwall this summer. There was a very interesting exhibit in the Amazon Rainforest Biome, all about naturally sourced rubber.

Did you know that The Amazon is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild?

The exhibit explained how the rubber was sourced from the trees, using diagonal cuts and a cup to collect the white liquid latex. After about six hours it was taken to the production unit where the latex was filtered. Water, preservatives and coagulating agent were added. It was then put in trays, where it sets into spongy sheets. The sheets were then flattened with a mangle and hung out to dry for about eight hours These sheets of rubber would then be sold.

Wild Rubber Exhibit, in The Amazon Rainforest Biome, at The Eden Project.

Families in the Amazon have a sustainable livelihood as they cause no harm to the wild rubber trees. The rubber has many end uses, including making Fashion Wellingtons. Along with elastic bands, shoe soles, and diving gear.

So What Are Fashion Wellingtons, And Which Styles Are Available To Buy?

Wellington boots are often referred to as wellies. They are generally tall, waterproof boots, made from rubber or PVC. In some countries they are called rain boots. Fashion Wellingtons are available in all colours, patterns and designs. They serve many purposes whether it’s to look stylish in the rain, or for protecting your feet from the elements.

Wellingtons are a popular footwear choice for all the family across the world.

Fashion Wellingtons today are more commonly made out of PVC. PVC is a type of plastic incorporating vinyl groups. PVC wellingtons tend to be lighter in weight and more affordable. Rubber wellingtons on the other hand have increased durability and are often less stiff than the PVC option. Some manufacturers have sometimes added rubber to the PVC to have a more durable material but is still lighter to wear.

Gumleaf Country Clothing is based on a farm in Norfolk. Their natural rubber wellingtons are handmade in one of the few remaining rubber boot factories in Europe. All styles are then tested on Hall farm before production. One of my favourite styles of their’s is the Iceni Gumboot. It is cotton lined, has a non slip sole and is available in red, navy and green.

Fully Embrace Autumn With A Pair Of Fashion Wellingtons

Fashion Wellingtons today are incorporating many of the seasonal trends into the designs. Wellingtons are no longer just flat, some have heels or a wedge. The heights have also become more adventurous than the traditional mid calf length. Ankle styles and up to the knee designs, are both now very popular.

fashion wellingtons, autumn fashion
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To fully embrace Autumn this year, with a pair of this season’s Fashion Wellingtons, head to www.reignabouttown.com. Here you will find some of the latest designs from brands such as Hawkins Collection and Jiglz. Check out the latest styles with flowers for ladies and girls.

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